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There’s No Such Thing As Tantric Sex

It’s okay to admit it. You’re not entirely sure WHAT Tantric sex is. You hear it might involve something called Yab Yum, but you’ve seen #tantricsex on Instagram, and all of the impossibly beautiful couples seem to be having some seriously woke sex.

But, just like your yoga practice isn’t really about the #perfectheadstand, your Tantric practice isn’t really about enlightened fucking. Those super bendy yogis didn’t get that way after one class, after all. And it takes several stages of Tantric practice to get to what actual Tantric sex looks like.

That’s why it’s called a PRACTICE: something that you work at gradually and build on over time. And in Tantra, you build SEXUAL ENERGY.

Through Tantra, you wake up sensation in your body, allowing your sexual energy to come out and PARTY more often. See, Tantric practitioners aren’t fucking each other. They’re actually fucking with their own sexual energy, expanding that sensation, and using it to build something BIGGER.

Building Your Sexual Energy for Tantric Sex

The sensation of your orgasm is a sensation of energy. Your orgasm is like a vehicle, and your sexual energy drives that vehicle: so wherever your orgasm moves in your body is where you’ll feel that energy. Through time-tested tools and techniques, your Tantric practice cultivates the intense energy of your orgasm by playing around with your arousal and expanding sensation.

In your Tantric sensual practice, you learn how to control your reaction to intense sensation and your arousal, building up this sexual energy but delaying your release. What evolves out of this practice of controlling release and building sensation is your orgasm separating from physical release.

When you practice EXPANDING your arousal and building this energy up, you can have LOTS of orgasmic climaxes over and over without actually releasing (a.k.a. multiple climaxes).

It’s a practice of generating POWERFUL PLEASURE and SEXUAL ENERGY, and you’ll learn that building up this energy means you’ll have an abundant, living reserve to share, play, and fuck with.

Which you absolutely want to bring with you when you’re with your partner again!

An Expression of Enlightenment

For many thousands of years, Tantra has taught that SEXUAL energy is the most potent and creative energy in your body. That’s why this ancient tradition is still taught and practiced today.

Your Tantric practice lights up your entire body with pure, healing sensation. When your body comes alive with this electric current, you’ll learn to control how it travels through your body, use it to heal any sexual imbalances, and experience profound, abundant pleasure.

So it’s not about thrusting or fucking; Tantra is about generating and expanding your sexual energy to create real transformation in your life. When you build up that sexual energy with a partner, this is one of the most healing, POWERFUL, and loving acts that we can experience as humans.

And there’s not really an appropriate hashtag for that!

Looking For MORE About What Tantric Sex Really Is?

If you’re interested in exploring a sensual practice that will build a foundation for Tantra in your life, you should absolutely check out our Full Body Orgasm Guide! It’s a comprehensive ROADMAP to exploring sensation in your body and the full potential of your orgasm … if you’ve EVER been curious about multiple climax or controlling your ejaculation, this is for you.

And head on over to the Sex.Index page on Tantric Sex. You’ll get more of an overview of Tantra, resources for your own practice, and answers to our most frequently asked questions. (No, Tantric sex and the Kama Sutra aren’t the same thing.)

Remember: your biggest strength is your CURIOSITY when it comes to Tantra, so remember to get creative with your exploration. And have fun!


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