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Tantric sex is a spiritual practice that integrates energy + orgasm to cultivate bliss.

Practiced with a partner, Tantric sex is a yogic practice that works with the power of sensation to transform your mundane sex experience into a vehicle for ENLIGHTENMENT.

Tantric sex is said to be such a powerful vehicle that it even excels the process of enlightenment, so that enlightenment can be achieved in one lifetime instead of many.  And for this reason, most forms of Tantric sex practices are considered too powerful and are kept as highly-guarded secrets.

Not to be confused with Tantra, or Tantra practice in general, Tantric sex is a type of left-hand (Vama Marga) Tantric practice.

There are different forms of Tantric sex depending on the lineage of the practice:  Karmamudra (Tibetan) and Karezza (Indian) are among the more well-known forms of practice.  

During Tantric sex, you focus on cultivating the vibration of orgasm inside of your body, and your partner does the same.  Then you each focus on expanding that vibration.  

Over a period of time, each of you will learn to “grow” your sensation.  The sensation that each of you is aware of expands outside of your own body then grows to touch your partner’s body.  

There’s a sense of merging and emerging, all at once, inside of your powerful Tantric sex practice.

Tantric sex is where SEXUAL ENERGY comes into its full power as a potent form of magick.  There are a variety of focuses, rituals, and spells associated with Tantric sex, much of which are passed down either verbally or intuitively through an energetic initiation (such as full kundalini activation).  

What we know of Tantric sex is limited.  But we know enough to experience the benefits of this powerful practice.  

The Tantric Sex Superpower

The word Tantra has many meanings, but we like the word EXPAND as a true definition.  Because that’s exactly what your sexual energy does when you practice Tantric sex: it expands, gets stronger, and can even heal your body.  

As this energy expands in your body, it begins to perform living sexual alchemy inside of you, transforming the lower energies—like anger, fear, and jealousy—into pure bliss.  

That’s the real meaning of sexual healing, and that is the superpower of Tantric sex.  It’s an alchemizer.  

You can bring anything negative to your Tantric sex practice—a sexual imbalance or anxiety, for instance—and work on it gently, slowly inside of your practice to mindfully relax it.

This healing transmutation process is powered by your awareness and your orgasm.  And that’s why cultivating your orgasm is an essential ingredient in the Tantric sex experience.

This powerful practice doesn’t just transform negative energy, it transforms negative energy into something useful for your life, so that it spills out into other areas of your experience, as well.  This gentle and steady process unlocks the secret alchemical power of whatever issues you’re working with and transforms them into energy and clarity to empower your bliss.  

The Science of Tantric Sex

Tantric Sex activates your parasympathetic nervous system during sex, then expands the vibration of orgasm throughout your body.  Going slowly, breathing deeply, relaxation, and internal awareness are all important cornerstones of Tantric sex practice.  

The reason?  All of these cornerstones activate and sustain your parasympathetic nervous system.

The vagus nerve is the governing nerve of your parasympathetic nervous system in any Tantric sex practice.  Vagus means “wandering” in Latin, because this massive nerve wanders from your pelvis (with extensions of this nerve in your sex system), through most of your major organs (including your colon and heart), landing in the lower center of your brain just between your ears.

When this nerve pathway is stimulated through your Tantric sex practice, sex becomes relaxing and otherworldly … it can even become a little psychedelic.  

The Tantric perspective communicates that any kind of movement (physical or energetic) that comes out of deep relaxation is totally aligned with your sensuality (and bliss).  And the cornerstones of slow, breath, relaxation, and awareness all help ferry the vibration of your orgasm from one end of your vagus nerve (your pelvis) to the other (your brainstem).  This movement of orgasmic vibration to one end of the vagus nerve to the other is the practice of Tantric sex.

Your parasympathetic nervous system uses acetylcholine (ACh), a neurotransmitter responsible for muscle activation.  Acetylcholine is responsible for many different functions in your body, from activating memory to waking up in the morning.  Acetylcholine also helps with producing arousal fluid in women and erection in men.

By understanding how your parasympathetic nervous system functions, you create an awareness around your arousal and sensation.  And that simple awareness is an excellent first step towards exploring Tantric sex.

Awareness When Practicing Tantric Sex

Tantric sex encourages you to fully awaken your sexuality.

However, often (and especially in the beginning) your practice might trigger repressed memories, trauma, pain, or abuse. Tantra reminds you that memories aren’t just stored in your thoughts and mind, but traumatic memories are also stored in your body.

Your Tantric sex practice is actually a vehicle for healing that trauma. During your practice, you learn to meet the blocks and numb spaces inside of you with the fully expanded awareness of your orgasm.  

That simple movement creates relaxation and opening around whatever trauma you’re dealing with and begins your healing process.

Tantric Sex FAQs

Isn’t Tantra just for couples who aren’t happy with their sex life?

No, Tantra is a way for couples who KNOW there’s more to their sex life (and sexuality) and want to explore it further and go deeper with one another.  It’s for people looking for more incredible ways to sexually connect with each other.

Tantric sex is best when couples are content with their relationship.  Even though Tantric sex has awesome healing superpowers, it’s not the place to bring your unconscious relationship drama.

I can’t even touch my toes! Does this require crazy sex positions?

No, this is more about the connection. If you want to try new positions, go for it (and check out Kama Sutra, too).

Tantric sex is about stillness.  So even though you’re having sex, you’re focused on stillness, as you cultivate awareness and sensation inside of your body.

Isn’t Tantric Sex the same thing as Kama Sutra?

No.  Tantric sex is a Tantra practice.  And Tantra is a philosophy and divine system for enlightenment.  Kama Sutra is an instruction manual on sexual positions. They can play well together as you can use Kama Sutra positions during Tantric sex.  But they are not the same thing.

What if my partner isn’t interested?

You can still incorporate some of the SUPER beneficial sensual practices in your own personal routine, without a partner.  Tantric sex is about expanding awareness and finding connection, and that starts with discovering yourself and your own sexuality.

I’m no good at meditation, I don’t think I’m ready!

Hey, now!  You don’t have to master Tantric sex from day one!  Start by incorporating a sensual practice into your weekly routine—maybe just a breathing exercise.  Or try breast or testicle massage with your partner. The point is that you learn what works for you and your partner so you’re creating and building more awareness around the connection you have with them.

Sex Rx

Not sure where to start with Tantric sex?  The healing benefits of Tantra are accessible to everyone, even beginners, and you should start out in small doses!  Here are a few practices you might try to warm you up for Tantric Sex.

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