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The STRESS-RELIEF HACK That Works Like a Charm (in 60-Seconds or less)

Ever wonder why you feel so stressed and overwhelmed in one moment, but completely relaxed and open in another?  

It’s because your body’s autonomic nervous system (or ANS) has TWO subsystems.  It’s like a toggle feature on your old-school video game interface, with just two-player modes for you to choose from: your sympathetic or parasympathetic system.  

Whichever mode you’re in, know that both have a profound effect on how you navigate through real-world scenarios. 

SYMPATHETIC = STRESS.  Your sympathetic nervous system causes all of those sweaty, stressful moments—it was developed in your body over thousands of years, to help get you out of dangerous situations.  But it also plays a role in daily life: like when you won’t let an argument go, or you stifle your voice at work, or you miss opportunities for new sex experiences (even when they’re right there within your reach). 

PARASYMPATHETIC = CHILL.  Your parasympathetic system is what engages when your body is ready to REST.  This system is responsible for digestion, sexual arousal, and activates a more chillaxed state of being, which makes it possible for you to connect to sensation.  This chill mode makes it easier for you to pee, meditate, and ENJOY sex by feeling into deeper sensations (instead of just wanting it to be OVER).

Since it’s the most triggering system, some people get stuck playing mostly in sympathetic game mode (STRESS MODE).  Can you imagine: buzzing with stress-energy, constantly obsessing about the future and caught up in the past … always ready to BOUNCE to the next level without enjoying the scenery?  

But stress-energy is useful sometimes because it DOES narrow your choices.  Like when you need to finish a project at the last minute stress helps you become laser-focused.  Stress can help you improve your 5K time by pushing you toward the finish line. And stress triggers pathways in your brain that help you stelthly escape from danger.  Stress does all of this by limiting your options and telling you to hurry the fuck up.  


Why This Hack Is So Damn Handy

This stress hack is a tool (your game controller) that’s all about giving you a choice: the option of living amped-up in your STRESS system … or confidently navigating stress triggers like a pro, and CHILLING in your parasympathetic system. 

What’s even more brilliant?  You can use this hack anytime you want, no matter what the circumstances are.  The MORE you practice this hack, the more efficiently you’ll be able to shift from your stress system to your chill system, leveling up your life to more options and infinitely MORE opportunities.

The point is that you’re in charge, baby!

So the next time you’re in a situation where you feel STUCK in sympathetic mode, where stress-energy feels out of control like there’s no other option except lashing out or running away, remember your nervous system comes in TWO modes, and all you need to do is switch from one to the other.

You’re. In. CHARGE.

Here’s Where the Good Stuff Comes In

You’re completely capable of hacking stress, even when your body just wants to REACT to a trigger or surprise.  Just by going through this simple and straightforward 5-step process, you’ll start to: 

  • Handle high-stress situations with ease and CONFIDENCE
  • Feel deeper sensation and expand your sex experiences
  • Communicate more fluidly with people:
    • Because you’ll be able to hear them more accurately
    • And you’ll be able to communicate your message more clearly from a place of relaxation
  • Cultivate OPENNESS and availability to new opportunities as they come your way
  • Develop the clarity and vision to design your life EXACTLY as you want it

Want to know more?  Yeah, you do!  

You can download the audio file below, which includes the 60-second hack that you can use ANYWHERE or ANYTIME you want to hack your stress energy. 

First check out the FULL EXPLANATION below, where you’ll learn how to get the MOST from this super simple, super effective hack.

Download the SHORT PRACTICE audio file and save to your smartphone, desktop, or other devices to use any time!

The FULL explanation (includes a short run through the practice at the end).
The SHORT practice.

A Run Through The Practice

  1. Realize you’re in a stressful situation: A situation that is causing stress and/or anxiety.  Count backward from 5 (or any other 5-second minimum ritual).  At the end of the 5-seconds, feel your body. Notice how it feels:  contracted, hyper (like it wants to move), numb, etc?
  2. Observe your breath: Are you breathing from your chest or your belly?  Is your breath shallow? Purposefully breathe into your lower belly feeling your lower belly expand with your inhale, and relax back to neutral with your exhale. (And keep your chest relaxed.)
  3. Relax the MOST tense spot: What place in your body is tensing up because of this stress?  Your jaw, throat, sex muscles, butt muscles, etc. Breathe into the most tense place by imagining that your inhale is moving into that area and opening it up … deeply relaxing it.  Exhale and relax even deeper.
  4. Move: Inhale and contract your pelvic floor and anus, exhale and DEEPLY relax them.  This triggers your muscles to let go and relax deeper and deeper.
  5. Externalize your relaxation: Adjust your stance, your posture, or whatever you need to get your body into a more relaxed position. Then, RE-observe the situation that’s creating stress.  Is there something you can view differently? Is there a perspective you can view the issue from that you hadn’t seen before? Whatever it is, focus on opening up and relaxing your perspective, and your judgments.



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