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Sexual Kung Fu: Exercising Your Sexual Energy

Most people are afraid of what they don’t know.  And most people haven’t felt intense orgasm sensation and pleasure––not on the level that we’re addressing in this article.  So most people are literally afraid of their own pleasure.

Are you afraid of feeling the sensation of your orgasm so deeply that you see vibrant hues of color, hear sounds humming inside of your body, or feel like you’re intensely vibrating with light inside every cell?  Probably.  And that’s totally natural because psychadelic orgasms are probably unfamiliar territory for you.

But seriously, the variety of sensations you can experience via your orgasm and pleasure are vast and POWERFUL.  And that’s because orgasm is a nervous system function that stimulates areas of your brain that release chemicals.  And these chemicals create interesting effects in the way you perceive reality (like what you see, hear, and feel) while you’re experiencing that pleasure.  

But these chemicals also have a major effect on how you live your day to day life, too.  They play a BIG role in how confident you feel at work, how much fun you have when you hang with your kids, or how inspired you feel about your next creative project.  

So your orgasm is supported by that same energy that powers all the success, connection and fun stuff in your life.  Your SEXUAL ENERGY!

Tapping into the powers of your sexual energy has the ability to change the way you experience your orgasm during sex … and it also has the ability to change your life.  Because playing with your sexual energy changes the way you perceive and respond to your life.  

So just imagine what you might be able to experience when you play with this energy on a regular basis.  Mind-blowing orgasmic sensation during sex? YES. And, more powerful energy and enthusiasm to add to your entire life?  YES!  

When you exercise and STRENGTHEN your sexual energy you build a foundation of power that supports all the fun stuff that inspires your life.  Let’s learn how to harness that energy. 

Banishing Fear of Pleasure Through PLAY

If you experience sexual anxiety, you might know what the fear of pleasure feels like. 

See, sexual energy shuts down when you’re scared of sensation.  Sexual energy wants to GROW, because it’s creative energy that is all about expansion.   But because of stress, your body contracts. This contraction stems from not knowing yourself, and not being familiar enough with your own sexual energy and its power.  It’s like your body is cringing in fear … of itself.

So intense sensation might feel like “TOO MUCH!”   And you clench up, which prevents your orgasm (and sexual energy) from expanding in your body.  

But here’s the thing: you’re in a constant state of orgasm, anyway!  Your sexual energy is ALWAYS always active inside of you — it doesn’t just show up for your climax.  

Your body was specifically designed to experience and appreciate pleasure, and it won’t give you more than you can handle.  So for most people, experiencing more pleasure during sex comes down to learning to trust your body.

The ancients have known this about the human body for millennia now, and through these traditions people have learned to master the powerful energy resource of their orgasm.  

Kundalini is the Sanskrit term for sexual energy, and in Tantric practices the energy is used to enhance sensation, cultivate power, even lead you to enlightenment.  

In Taoist exercises, masters worked with their Ji energy through sexual kung fu, to heal dysfunction and empower their lives. 

People have been exercising their sexual energy for centuries, so if you’re still hesitant to explore your own pleasure, think about this as PLAY.  You can confidently cross the boundary of not-knowing your pleasure, into a place of familiarity with your sexual energy, when you introduce PLAY into your life.  

Playing gets you used to the idea that you can feel pleasure and learn to TRUST your body, because it was designed to work and play WITH PLEASURE.  And when you start to trust yourself, your body, and your intuition, you’ll learn to master and harness your pleasure.

Tips For Playing With Your Sexual Energy

It’s easy to forget how to play when you’re an adult, and sometimes even easier to forget to make time for it.  Playing isn’t just for kids, though, and your sexual energy is a GREAT playground to visit! 

The more you play, the easier it is to feel sensation traveling in your body, so you’ll start to trust yourself more when it comes to your sexual experiences.  Because PRACTICE MAKES PLEASURE!  

If you’ve had an orgasm, then you already know what your sexual energy feels like.  And you can feel this energy inside you, in your sex system, if you take a moment to recognize it.  

You can test this out right now:  Close your eyes and think back to your last orgasm experience.  Remember the sounds you made, the buildup of pleasure, and the heat between you and your partner.  Do you feel that hum of arousal? THAT’S your sexual energy. The arousal, the intimacy, and the joy of being with your partner is ALL sexual energy.  And to access it, all you have to do is think about it.

To actually MOVE this energy, you HAVE to be aware of it first.  

Sexual energy lives inside every molecule in your body, but the largest concentration of this energy is in your sex system just behind your genitals and in front of the base of your spine.  This is like HOME BASE for your orgasm and sexual energy. So when you want to connect with your sexual energy, all you have to do is feel into this spot.

There are a few ways to play with sexual energy:

Play with your breath: Practice breathing more deeply during sensual experiences and sex with your partner, to heighten and control your arousal.  Your sex system also needs oxygenated blood to stay healthy, and you can help support this by breathing in fresh air. 

Play with movement: You can pump your pelvic floor to create movement and activate your sexual energy during sex, or anytime you want.  Need a little pick me up at work? Just pump your pelvic floor about 60 times and feel your energy increase. You can also use a thrusting motion to increase the sexual energy during your play with a partner.  Rocking your hips, or making spiral, circular movements with your pelvis can generate more energy (and feels UH-MAZING).

Play with your awareness: When you feel into the “spot” practice focusing on the sensation of pleasure.  Feel it in your genitals when you pause for a moment, and while you’re breathing, try focusing on this sensation traveling up your spine.  Just being aware of this sensation is playing with it.

Play with contraction/relaxation: You can move sensation in your body by controlling the blood moving through your sex system.  Exercises like pelvic floor pumps are GREAT for playing with your sexual energy and conditioning your sex system.  (Learn exactly how to do this exercise on our last blog post!)

Play with sound: Remember Meg Ryan faking her orgasm in the diner?  Sound is an EFFECTIVE way to move your sexual energy, and scientists have found that making sounds during sex has been proven to control arousal in research studies.  

Play with light: Your sexual energy is part biological, and part electric.  The visual component of your sexual energy is LIGHT. When you can feel and actually visualize the glowing light of  your orgasm traveling in your body while you’re feeling it, this can trigger mind-blowing pleasure experiences that you’ll never forget. 


There are so many ways for you to connect with your sexual energy, and the best way will be the one that you enjoy the most. You might enjoy it because it’s easy or because it challenges you.  Whether you want to connect with your energy during sex, at the start of each day, or throughout your day, it’s regularity that counts when it comes to accessing the benefits of your sexual energy.  It’s the practice that is important.

Establishing A Working Connection

Your sexual energy benefits you the MOST when you establish a sustainable and effortless connection with it. It’s this effortless connection that allows your sexual-creative energy to flow in the areas of your life and body that need it most.

Connect to your sexual energy and genitals a couple of times a day, in a small way just by thinking about how your lower pelvis feels.  Put your mind into that area and take a deep breath, or two … or three 😉  

ALL IT REQUIRES IS THOUGHT, so you can do this any time

Inner Flute 

Your inner flute is an energetic column inside of your body that runs from your pelvic floor to the top of your head.  When this energetic column is clear and active it can easily carry your sexual energy from the area of your genitals more up inside of your body.  This migration of your sexual energy means the difference between a localized orgasm that you feel in your genitals only, and a full body orgasm that you feel vibrating in every cell of your body.

But this energetic column gets dusty and dingy with old sludgy energy backing it up.  To experience the benefits of your inner flute you want to constantly keep this column clean and clear and active. 

Inner Flute Clearing + Activation

  1. Sit or stand in a quiet and comfy position.  You can be sitting cross-legged on the floor, or in a chair with your feet flat on the floor spaced about hip-width distance apart.  You can also do this standing up in HORSE position (a Taoist position).  HORSE POSITION:   Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart, and your knees slightly bent.  Your hips are over your ankles and your pelvis is tucked forward just slightly, straightening your spine.  Your chin should be parallel to the floor.
  2. Close your eyes and imagine this column of light moving through the very core of your body.  Understand that the purpose of this column is to move your energy.
  3. With your eyes closed, inhale from your pelvic floor through your entire body to the top of your head, visualizing every part of your body internally as you move your awareness through the column.  
  4. Exhale back down your body to your pelvic floor, and when you get to your pelvic floor look down with your eyes closed.
  5. Keep moving up and down inside of your body with your breath until you feel clear and energized.

This is an awesome practice to do before meditation, and before and after your sensual practice.

Microcosmic Orbit

The microcosmic orbit is a Taoist practice that circulates energy in an elliptical around your body, moving from your pelvic floor, up your spine to the top of your head, then back down the front of your body to your pelvic floor.  You inhale up your spine to the top of your head and exhale down the front of your body.  

As you do this, your pulling and pushing your sexual energy around your body and nourishing your entire body (all your organs, including your brain) with yummy sexual energy.

Here’s a little recorded Microcosmic Orbit practice for you to check out …

Enhancing ALL of Your Experiences 

When you recognize and honor the value of your sexual energy, you’ll learn to use it in more fulfilling, more dynamic ways.  

You’ll also start to see how your sexual energy isn’t JUST for sex.  Because it’s creative energy, you’ll also notice growth in other areas of your life, too.  That’s because your sexual energy wants to expand WHEREVER LIFE IS PRESENT!

  • In your work projects and in the relationships with your coworkers
  • In your connections to your family and children (who were born from your sexual energy!)
  • In your community and neighborhood
  • In your creative projects and collaborative partnerships 

WHEREVER you want to grow and flourish, your sexual energy is waiting for you to tap into its power.  It’s ready to enhance and nourish your life, so we hope you’ll dip your toes into the waters of your sexual power and eventually, learn to swim!


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