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Sexercise: Conditioning Your Sex System

If you’ve experienced a sexual imbalance like erectile dysfunction, pelvic pain, premature ejaculation, or vaginal dryness, then it’s time to start strengthening your sex system.

But sexercise isn’t just about building strength, it’s also about feeling confident and taking control of your body.  

It’s true:  YOU are in total control of your body, not whatever sexual dysfunction you’ve been battling.  And, sexercise is one way that you can exert positive control over your body to master your sexual function and reactions … and, to beat sexual dysfunction.

Building strength and power in your sex system is what we call conditioning your sex system.  What are you conditioning it for?  Mindblowing, rock hard, passionate, deep and real fucking S.E.X., of course.

Your sex system needs just as much conditioning to stay healthy and functioning as any other part of your body.  

See, taking a pill (like Viagra) to treat a sexual imbalance doesn’t address the actual issue in your sex system.  It only treats the symptoms, and instead of balancing your body’s weakness, artificial “solutions” tend to go around the actual problem.  That’s why just treating the symptoms of ANY illness or dysfunction usually only makes whatever weakness you’re dealing with more aggressive.  

But conditioning your sex system has shown impressive results when it comes to battling sexual dysfunction … and science agrees!  In fact, researchers at Harvard recommend exercising your sex system on a regular basis, noting Kegels as being one of the TOP 5 healthiest exercises that anyone with genitals could do for their sexual health.

To keep your sex system conditioned in a way that supports your incredible sexual experiences, you should be doing something to activate it in an intentional way, on a FREQUENT and regular basis.


Conditioning Your Sex Muscles

If you’re thinking “Yeah, sexercise!  I get it. That’s like vaginal weightlifting, right?”  But exercise isn’t only about your muscles. It’s about your BLOOD!  But not just any blood … fresh oxygenated blood.  AND it’s really about what that fresh oxygenated blood does for your ERECTILE TISSUE.

Because when it comes to sexual performance, erectile tissue is literally where it’s at.   And how well your erectile tissue is available to soak up blood equals your ability to sexually perform.

Sexercise rejuvenates your erectile tissue by infusing it with fresh blood that brings nutrients, oxygen, and NEW LIFE to your sex system.  

Healing Your Sex System

Strengthening your sex muscles supports your sex system, but this kind of “fitness” is also about real sexual HEALING.  Because sexual healing requires self-compassion, patience, and curiosity … a curiosity to explore ALL of your sex system, which is made up of many different parts!  

Your penis, G-spot, prostate glands, nerves, and brain are ALL components of the sex system.  

But, the MAIN part of your sex system that benefits from sexercise is your erectile tissue.  

EVERYONE has erectile tissue, no matter what kind of parts you have.  This is the tissue that engorges with blood when you become aroused and your clit or penis gets stiff.  And it’s this tissue that feeds your desire for pleasure and allows you to feel connected to and able to express that pleasure during sex.

In addition to your penis and clit, you’ll also find erectile tissue in your vaginal canal, your urethral sponge, and prostate sponge areas.  

And it’s these areas of your body that you want to practice pumping FRESH, OXYGENATED blood into, regularly. The new blood replaces the old blood in your sex system and ACTIVATES your sex system to regenerate, restore, and strengthen.  This infusion of fresh oxygenated blood helps nourish your body and improve the health of your sex system, overall.

Sexercises You Can START DOING TODAY!

To help your body move blood through your sex system and strengthen your erectile tissue, there are a few techniques you can start using right now.

Take this opportunity to experiment with your own sexercise routine. Figure out what you like, and how to fit your sex practice into your daily life. Try doing something every single day for the next 30 days!

Pelvic Floor Pumps

Pelvic floor pumps are a simple, HIGHLY effective exercise that works the muscles of your pelvic floor.  These pumps are the PERFECT first step to strengthening your sex system, and also perfect for easily maintaining strength over your lifetime (which is something we all need to do).  

These pumps are simple enough that you can do them anytime, and you can do them anywhere you are passively sitting.

You can use pelvic pumps during sex (and variations of pumps) to control ejaculation, increase arousal, and amplify the pleasure you feel.

These pumps are also a great way to tone your sex muscles after you’ve given birth but wait several weeks before you jump into a sex muscles conditioning routine.

WHO: Anyone and everyone with a sex system

WHEN: At least 4 times a week (daily is best!)

DURATION: At least 60 times, or 2 minutes

👉🏼 To do this exercise (and any sex muscle conditioning exercise) you must isolate your pelvic floor muscles.  If you’re a little unfamiliar with where your sex muscles are then you may use any of these techniques to help you find them:

  1. If you have a pussy, focus on squeezing and closing your pussy canal opening. The muscles that close your vaginal canal opening are your sex muscles.  Also feel the contraction pull up a little bit inside of your body, toward your belly button (without contracting your abdominal muscles).
  2. If you have a penis, then try wiggling your penis.  The muscles that do the wiggling are your sex muscles. Also, focus on pulling up toward your belly button as you contract, keeping your stomach muscles, butt muscles, thighs, and everythign else r.e.l.a.x.e.d.
  3. Or, you can go the traditional pee-pee method:  Sit down to pee (yes, even if you’re a dude). The muscles that you use to push your pee out are your sex muscles.  STOP THE FLOW OF URINE MIDSTREAM. The muscles that you use to stop the flow of urine are your sex muscles, too.

STEP 1:  Sit or lie down comfortably.  Put your mind in your sex muscles.  Imagine them. For the duration of this practice, don’t focus on anything but seeing your sex muscles as they’re working and gaining POWER.

STEP 2: Inhale and contract your pelvic floor (your sex muscles) as tight as you can.  Be sure to isolate which muscles you’re squeezing: don’t tighten your glutes or tummy, only your pelvic floor. Imagine that you can pull that contraction up the center of your body toward your belly button.

STEP 3:  Hold the contraction for 2-seconds. Exhale and relax as deeply as you can.

STEP 4:  EXHALE AGAIN, and relax one more time.  

FEEL the layers of relaxation when you let go.

Penis Stretching

This Taoist technique has been used for centuries now to strengthen, lengthen and enlarge the penis!  By stretching and pulling on the penis, you condition your erectile tissue so that it’s more porous and can fill with more fresh, oxygenated blood, resulting in stronger, longer, bigger erections.  

WHO: Anyone with a penis

WHEN: At least 4 times a week for optimal results

DURATION: 5 – 10 minutes of stretching exercises

* The Superpower Sex Program for Men will show you exactly how to do this exercise, along with so many more penis conditioning practices.

Milking Practice (Pleasure Practice)

This is a PLEASURE practice, so this practice works with amplifying and conditioning your sexual energy, too.

Milking pumps fresh blood to your vaginal tissue, and this blood nourishes your sex glands, strengthens sex muscles, and helps you produce arousal fluid.  You can do this exercise without accessories, or use in a crystal wand, jade egg, or a penis to experience a variety of yummy sensations.

WHO: Anyone with a vagina

WHEN: 4 times a week for optimal results

DURATION: 10 – 20 minutes of milking

SUPPLIES:  Wand or egg.

With milking, you’ll focus on the three different sections of your vaginal canal:  bottom (opening), middle section (g-spot to a-spot), top (cervix and uterus).  You contract from the bottom to the middle to the top; then relax from the top to the middle to the bottom.  This creates an undulating wave-like movement inside of your sex system that …

+ Moves fresh blood through your body;

+ Exercises glands to hold and move more fluid;

+ Balances the exchange your sex system has with your brain (balances your hormones), and empowers your connection to pleasure and arousal.

Crystal wands, are great for this practice, especially if you’re just figuring out how to work the three sections inside of your vaginal canal. If you use a wand instrument use one that doesn’t curve too much as it should be the natural shape of your vaginal opening (straight, or slightly curved).  You may use a crystal yoni egg with this practice, as well.

STEP 1:  Lie down and relax.  You want to be in a comfortable and sensual environment for the duration of this practice.

STEP 2:  Inhale and contract from your vaginal opening … to the middle section of your canal (while still holding the contraction in the opening) … to the TOP part of your canal (while still holding contraction in the bottom two sections).  Hold the contraction at the top for a couple of seconds, pulling your sexual energy (the pleasure you feel) UP inside of the center of your body toward your navel.

STEP 3:  Now exhale and RELAX from the top of your vaginal canal, to the middle, and finally relax the opening of your pussy.

REPEAT.  And as you move your breath and the contraction up and down inside of your body, use your imagination to see pleasure moving up and down inside of your body, too.

As you create this wave-like movement through your sex system you’ll begin to feel the waves of pleasure sensation undulating throughout your pussy … and then through your entire body.  Milking stimulates your vaginal tissue and glands with fresh, new blood, stirring up sensation and sexual energy.

Doing this sexercise during sex feels really fucking good.  So if you’re going to give it a go, you’ll need to be on top of your partner, in a position like cowgirl, or reverse cowgirl.  You want to have all the control and movement, and your partner should be totally relaxed.

Crystal Pussy Eggs

Crystal pussy eggs or yoni eggs have gotten popular in the last few years, especially after celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow started to rave about using them in her own sensual practice.  Jade eggs are inserted in the vagina and used to tone the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. These eggs are super effective when it comes to exercising targeted, specific areas of your vaginal canal.  (Check out Chakrubs eggs for their selection!)

WHO: Women

WHEN: A few times a week

DURATION: 10 – 20 minutes

* The Superpower Sex Program for Women will teach you how to master jade egg movements to maximize and expand pleasure.

Sensual Practice

Having a dedicated sensual practice, one that uses some of the above exercises is the best thing you can do for your sexual health.  

When it comes to sex, PRACTICE makes POWERFUL.  

The SPX Full Body Orgasm Guide is full of guidance, tips, and techniques that you can start using TODAY to exercise your sex system.  The Guide is your very own instruction manual for better sex and includes audio recordings and a personally guided sensual practice you can follow along with. Simple.

*Get the guide by clicking FULL BODY ORGASM GUIDE at the top of this page.


WHEN: At least once a week (but 4 times a week will deliver optimal results!)

DURATION: 10 – 20 minutes

Final Tips for Your Sex Workout

Remember that you’re not going to be a world sexercise champ after just a week of doing pelvic pumps.  It takes about 3 months to build up good strength in your sex muscles, so you’ll want to a routine for at least that long.  

Here are a few final tips before you jump into your new sexercise program:

  • Masturbation can be exercise for your sex system, but not if you climax and release, because you want to pull fresh in blood into your sex system and LEAVE IT THERE. Then pull more fresh blood into your sex system, and keep it there. You want to keep cycling new blood through your sex system regularly.
  • Porn really fucks up your sex experience (like, any kind of porn), because it stimulates your brain but the experience is physically disconnected from you.  If you’re building a sensual practice, you want to feel connected to your experience, without distraction.  If you need inspiration, tap into your own fantasies or relive a sexy real experience that you’ve had and try reconnecting to THOSE sensations.  
  • Stay aware and CURIOUS about your sensation when you use these exercises.  So create a space for your sexercise routine.  You can do pelvic pumps just about anywhere, but anything sensual and intimate will need the right setting.
  • Relaxation is KEY to strengthening your sex muscles because it allows for all of that fresh, new blood to flow through your system.  The more relaxed you are, the more you’re nourishing and strengthening your sex system.

Now you get it. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

So, RIGHT NOW, figure out what time you will commit to your sex muscle conditioning each and every day for the next 30 days. Even if you ONLY start doing pelvic pumps (PLEASE DO!).   Making any sexercise a regular HABIT is going to improve your sex system, activate your sensual experiences, and REVITALIZE your sex life!  


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