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Exploring Anal Pleasure: An SPX Guide

Everyone gets to a point in their sex life when things start to feel a little … vanilla.  

Maybe you’re at that stage yourself, and your pleasure seems to need a little pick-me-up—something that sparks excitement and adventure.

Well, it sounds like a little anal exploration might be the perfect way for you to play!  Whether you’re with a partner or playing on your own, anal exploration is like injecting a little bit of ADVENTURE into your sex life.

But for quite a few people (especially if you’re in a heterosexual relationship), anal sex is still considered a taboo practice, even though it’s nothing new.  That’s what makes it the PERFECT tool for exploring: it can be a highly pleasurable, super fulfilling way to discover yourself sexually … especially when you have SPX guiding your anal pleasure journey.

If you follow us on Instagram, then you already know it’s #AnalAugust.  So it’s the perfect time of year for experimenting with anal pleasure.  Maybe you’ve thought about anal before, or even gone down south a few times during your self-pleasure practice.  But trendy hashtags aside, there are a LOT more reasons and ways for you to explore your anus. 

And NOW is always the best time to start something new. 

The Beauty Behind Exploring Your Booty 

Anal sex is one of the most popular, highly-watched categories of video porn available.  It’s also still considered a very taboo concept, even though people have written about, painted, and photographed themselves playing with their butts for a long, long time now.

It’s still taboo because anal exploration can involve a lot of heavy psychological “lifting” for people.  In some circles, anal sex isn’t even considered “real” sex, and it’s sometimes seen as dirty or unnatural, just because it doesn’t result in pregnancy. 

FUN URBAN FACT:  Some straight men view getting a woman to do anal for the first time as a kind of trophy or sexual conquest.  It can make them feel more dominant and masculine. But these are also the men that mistakenly believe that receiving anal sex equals being gay, submissive, or even someone’s “bitch.” 

Yes, anal sex challenges a lot of traditional, outdated ideas around sex, sexual identity, and pleasure.  But that’s probably why we love it so much here at SPX.

Because when you face ANY of the old assumptions that you have about your sexuality, and stop judging your experiences and sensations, you might actually find that anal sex can be a highly fulfilling, pleasurable, and deeply intimate act. 

In other words, if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of butt play, that probably means it’s a taboo worth exploring.  Because when you work through the assumptions that you had about the act of anal—how it might feel or look or what your partner will think—you open the door to a broader range of experiences…and SUPER awesome sensation. 

Anal Play: The Science and Specifics 

Anal stimulation is SUPER rewarding for sex explorers, and that’s not just because it’s a challenge to overcome.  

Your butt is the source of a sensational and stimulating sexual experience, because the area of your anus has a high concentration of nerve endings.  It’s a highly erogenous zone that allows for lots of different sensation and pleasure intensity.  

Your anus is also a muscle, with two sphincters that contract and relax to help you with bowel movements.  Your PC muscles and anal muscles are in the same area, and this center of muscles and nerves are a key part of your sex system, playing a huge role in your arousal.  The receiver during anal sex can experience intense pleasure and orgasm.  

But before anyone jumps into full-on intercourse, remember to start slow, and to take your exploration in stages.  Luckily, one of the best things about your butt is how many ways there are to ENJOY IT.  

Exploring More: Steps to Stimulating Your Anus

Remember that with any kind of taboo exploration, you need to proceed with a little bit of caution.  So start with some solo anal exploration before you dive into anything with a partner.  

Exploring anal pleasure through your own sensual practice isn’t only fun (and adventurous), it’s also a GREAT form of self-love and acceptance.  Spend some time getting to know how you like to be touched and aroused in this wonderfully erogenous area. Once you get comfortable with playing around, use that as a gauge for exploring with a partner.  

Take things one step at a time, and you’ll reap some big rewards (and maybe a few orgasms):

Start Here: Outside the Anus

The outside of the anus has SO MANY pleasurable nerve endings that some people have even reported experiencing orgasm while they have a bowel movement.  (Seriously, if you look up “poopgasm,” you’ll see LOTS of stories from surprised individuals.) 

So regardless of whether you’re warming up for anal play, or you’re content to stay on the outside of the anus, just rimming the outside of your butthole—with your hands, a toy, your partner’s penis, mouth—usually feels really fucking good.  

But external anal stimulation is a great way to test and see if you (or your partner, if they’re receiving) are dealing with any kind of sexual block or trauma.  If you find that you’re not into rimming, then you might have some trauma to work through in your anus. (AGAIN, going slow is key. Pleasure should NEVER be forced or rushed.)

Next Steps: Hands + Mouth  

Once you’ve gotten comfy with exploring the outside of your anus, and you’re feeling relaxed and warmed up, you or your partner can try gently inserting fingers, one at a time, or a tongue into your anus.  

PRO-TIP:  Please don’t forget to trim your nails before you explore your (or your partner’s) anus!  And remember to use PLENTY of lube—it’s not just safer for the receiver, it’s also going to help with how enjoyable the experience will feel.  More lube is always better (and virgin coconut oil is perfect for anal). 

At this stage of play, it’s important to experiment and OBSERVE.  If you’re giving anal stimulation to your partner, insert your tongue or finger inside of them GRADUALLY and try different kinds of touch: you might explore by applying varying levels of pressure, massaging the walls of the anus, and taking notes about what your partner enjoys most.  

Leveling Up: Playing With Toys

Once you and/or your partner get more comfortable with this kind of touch, you can start introducing toys into your play sessions!  But it’s CRUCIAL to incorporate the right kind of toy: not all of them are created equally, and anal toys are designed specifically for your butt and its unique geography. 

Anal plugs, anal dildos, and vibrators can all be a rewarding and yummy addition to your play sessions, but like anything else involving anal exploration, should be done with care and patience.  START SMALLER than you think and remember your lube.  

Advanced Practice: Anal Intercourse  

Once you’ve become more comfortable with fingers, tongues, and toys inside your butt, you might find that you’re ready for the next stage of play: anal intercourse!  Being filled up with a penis or dildo can provide some seriously intense and explosive orgasms, but just like any other stage of anal play, it’s important to take … your … time.  

This is especially important because this advanced practice of anal play can cause little tears inside of your anal canal if you’re not careful.  And internal anal tears can lead to hemorrhoids (and worse).  So, play with caution, and don’t go further than your body really wants to.  Don’t EVER push through the pain when it comes to anal.

And for the same reason, your body position is really important during anal sex.  

If receiving, consider positioning yourself in such a way that your sex system can spread out nice and WIDE.  This means spreading your thighs, sticking your butt out, elongating your spine—anything that opens up and widens your lower pelvis will allow you to be more available to sensation.  

You want to be able to ACCEPT more pleasure during your anal experience, and there are a few positions that will support that:

  1. Goddess Position:  Lying on your back, bring the palms of your feet together, and allow the knees to butterfly open—your partner will face you (or lie on top of you) and enter. 
  2. Spooning:  The receiver in this position is the little spoon, and your partner (or the giver) will situate themselves behind you as the big spoon, entering from behind. 
  3. Scissoring:  Some might think of scissoring as something they’ve only seen in lesbian porn, but it’s great for anal sex, too!  Both you and your partner will open your legs in this position (like opening a pair of scissors), so there’s lots of yummy external stimulation that can happen here, too. 
  4. [SPX FAVORITE] Cow Position:  Yes, like the yoga posture. Get on your hands and knees, stick that butt out, and let your belly drop so that your pelvis is nice and open when your partner enters from behind. 

Final Tips Before You Get Down to (Booty) Business

If you’re ready to dive into all things anal, that’s understandable.  Anal pleasure can be HUGE. This kind of sensation can be profound: it will truly teach you about your sensation and sexuality in ways you’d never expect.  

Before you drop your trousers, take note of a few important “posterior protocols” before you get busy:

  • Make sure your butt (or your partner’s) is CLEAN, on the inside and out.  Taking the time to do an enema or colonic really will make any internal booty exploration a LOT more enjoyable. 
  • Hair can get in the way of anal play sometimes, and with certain toys, pubes can make things a little trickier. So if possible, wax or shave your hair, and your exploration will go a little more smoothly.  
  • Relax!  You’re not going to enjoy any part of anal if you’re not in an open and relaxed state.  QUICK EXERCISE: Take a few moments to contract your anus, then relax your sphincter BEFORE you begin any type of stimulation.  Contracting and relaxing your muscles this way will help to pump fresh, oxygenated blood to that region, bringing more sensation and pleasure along with it. 
  • Deep belly breathing will help you to relax even more.  Breathing is also KEY to moving and expanding sensation in your sex system, and helps to ensure that you don’t tense or contract your muscles during a play session. 

Knowing how to navigate anal pleasure, either on your own or with a special partner, can expand your sexual horizons, and exploring with someone through anal sex can be a highly intimate experience.  

So while #AnalAugust is still going on at the time of this publication, we think it’s totally worth it to spend some time playing with your butt, any time of year.  

Are you an anal explorer?  Have any stories to share? TELL US MORE and send us your anal adventuring tips!


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